The Blood is the Life Tee


Image of The Blood is the Life Tee

The blood of our covenant is represented by the blood of our motorcycles. Blood is thicker than water, and oil is thicker than blood-
what brings our Coven together is the holy Chariot- we are Witches of the Wheel, motomancers.

"Without the ‘cycle, there is no Coven, because the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb,
and the blood of our covenant is the blood of the machine.

Our satanic rites lead us down old canyons. We cross rivers in the night, lit by the moon, guided by the bat and the owl.
Our invocations reverberate in the chambers of caverns under the earth, where we perform communion with whiskey and witch-weed.

Our hideouts reek of incense and oil, gasoline and woodsmoke. We invoke the goat in necromantic ceremony
as we bring old motors back to life and fill them with purpose again."


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